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world première, 19 june 2019
Teatro Coliseo, Buenos Aires

After Concerto Azzurro [Azure Concerto] for piano and orchestra, dedicated to the throat chakra of expression, Italian pianist-composer Stefano Bollani has now created a new concerto of classical composing: Concerto Verde [Green Concerto] for piano and chamber orchestra; green like the central heart chakra of love.

While Concerto Azzurro was arranged by composer-conductor Paolo Silvestri, with Concerto Verde - and for the first time - it is Bollani himself to have orchestrated the entire work, which also favours moments that disobey the rules that demand that a pianist shall stick to the rigorously precise and immutable score.

Concerto Verde also allows various passages of improvisation, entrusted to a real piano jazz trio with Argentinian bass player Pablo Navarro and young Florentine drummer Bernardo Guerra (who has also been Bollani’s ally in Napoli Trip and Concerto Azzurro).

Concerto Verde, also informed by tango and other folkloric music traditions of Argentina, is structured in four movements of strong impact and distinct character of both melody and rhythm. As tradition wants, the third movement, the “scherzo”, stands out by virtue of its joyous playfulness, which reflects Bollani’s sparkling creativity best.

With Concerto Verde Stefano Bollani has created a hymn to love: to love as such, but also to his love for music.

Stefano Bollani - Concerto Verde for piano and chamber orchestra

Title: “Concerto Verde” for piano and chamber orchestra
Duration: approx. 25-30’
Composer: Stefano Bollani
World premiere: 19 June 2019 at Teatro Coliseo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Orchestra: Orquesta Sin Fin
Juan Pablo Navarro on double bass, and Bernardo Guerra on drums
Conductor:  Exequiel Mantega