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Preview the new unreleased track that anticipates the disc QUE BOM
digital from 27 April 2018

Preview one of the pieces that are part of QUE BOM, the new highly anticipated album of unreleased tracks from Brazilian dna that comes after ten years from the great success of the disco Carioca. In the accompanying video, some of the musicians participated in the project including Caetano Veloso and João Bosco, Hamilton de Holanda and Jacques Morelenbaum.

QUE BOM will be released around the world on 25 may 2018.

Entirely self-produced by Stefano Bollani, it is the first album released by its new label ALOBAR and will create an international summer tour.

Galapagos is named after Kurt Vonnegut's novel of 1985 "a masterpiece set in a world of the future in which we remember what mankind was like, those men from the big brains that almost led to ruin the planet".