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Here is the brand-new band formed by Stefano, who went to Brazil to pick the right musicians.

Jorge, Jurim and Marçal were already together in the record Carioca; Thiago da Serrinha just joined them and the quintet is now ready to take out the new, fresh, original music of the record Que bom. Compositions by an Italian contemporary author (Bollani), immersed in a South American sauce made of rhythm.

Touring from June 2018, first in South America and then in Europe, the music will take everyone by the hand and together they will go wherever they feel like going.


Stefano Bollani - piano
Jorge Helder - double bass
Jurim Moreira - drums
Armando Marçal and Thiago da Serrinha  - percussion

They met ten years ago and since then they have been roaming the world with this lovely combination of piano and Brazilian mandolin, that you can enjoy in this video from the RAI TV show “L’importante è avere un piano”. If you want to, you can get an idea of the energy they release on stage and perceive the great love they share for Brazilian music by listening to their live recording, “O que será”, published by ECM.

Hamilton de Holanda has a profound knowledge of the tradition of samba, choro and the plethora of other popular music of his country, and he is also an extremely likeable mandolin virtuoso.
He and Stefano are two hummingbirds who fly and improvise, inventing a different common path every time, playing in turn the role of leader. More often than not, there is no leader and it is music that takes Enrico (Hamilton) and Stefano by the hand leading them wherever it feels like going.


Stefano Bollani - piano
Hamilton De Holanda - Brazilian bandolim

Playing with so many musicians means reaching a clear agreement before starting. And for the agreement to be even stronger, you need to have a conductor who takes the lead himself. Riccardo ChaillyKrjstjan JarviDaniel Harding and Zubin Mehta are some of the conductors with whom Stefano has been doing music over the past few years, playing and rereading the works of GershwinPoulenc and Ravel.
After the now renowned concert performed in Milan with the Filarmonica della Scala directed by Chailly – do watch the video –, Stefano composed the symphonic pièce “Concerto Azzurro” for piano and orchestra in three movements, commissioned by MDR of Leipzig and arranged by Paolo Silvestri, who had already worked with him on Concertone.
Light blue (Azzurro) is the color of the fifth chakra, that of hearing. Light blue tells us: listen to yourself and to others. And adds: Create! Disobey! Light blue never stops talking. It keeps on sending messages to remind us that “there is a key to every door” (Robert Musil) and that “every door is a possibility, not an obstacle” (Charlie Chaplin), but also that “light blue is a color, and this should be enough” (Julius Caesar).
The meaning of Concerto Azzurro has been admirably summarized in a single sentence by Lucy Van Pelt, Charlie Brown’s friend, who affirmed:
I’ve thought about it a lot recently and I’ve convinced myself that making the sky blue was a good idea!


Stefano Bollani - piano
Orchestra Sinfonica

Naples: a place with a very powerful, volcanic energy that allows its inhabitants to exist and resist through continued dominations. Over the past couple of centuries alone, they have been under the yoke of the French, then the Spanish and now the Italians.
In this live recording, based on the repertoire of the Napoli Trip CDRaffaele VivianiNino TarantoRenato Carosone and Pino Daniele are sparks of inspiration. They are reassuring figures who encourage us to board the ship and then wave at us as we set sail along with Daniele Sepe, who dishes out his talent on stage with sax, flutes and his comic and polemic verve; with the penetrating clarinet of Nico Gori, Stefano’s adventure companion since the days of I Visionari and the Carioca project; and the always attentive drums of the young Florentine talent Bernardo Guerra, the band’s newest sparkling addition.
Where are they headed? You really want to know everything! You forget that Parthenopean music “departs as ‘nopean’, but then reaches the whole world” and it is music that takes the four musicians by the hand, as seen in this video, leading them wherever it feels like going.


Stefano Bollani - piano, voice
Daniele Sepe - sax, flutes, voice
Nico Gori - clarinet
Bernardo Guerra - drums

The synergy developed in 2004 in Copenhagen and since then, through records and tours, it has been established that the three of them play together for good reason. The reason is quite hard to identify; they each have their own and they each guard it deep down inside. They should decide to talk about it, sooner or later. Meanwhile, they continue to play as a trio, even when it comes to holding their own with a number of TV guests as in the show Sostiene Bollani, or two great improvisers like Bill Frisell and Mark Turner in the record Joy in spite of everything. You can see them in action in a 2005 video at the Copenhagen Jazz House.

Jesper Bodilsen on the double bass and Morten Lund on the drums are two pillars of the Scandinavian jazz scene. They managed to convince Bollani to record an entire CD of music from that region of the world (Gleda) and they even made him fall in love with Copenhagen. It is true that, in addition to being excellent musicians and among the most sought-after, they are extremely likeable people.
One might compare them to two squirrels (and Stefano is the third) who wander in the woods improvising and inventing a different common path every time, playing in turn the role of leader. More often than not, there is no leader and it is music that takes the three of them by the hand leading them wherever it feels like going.
The trio also recorded Mi Ritorni in Mente and Stone in the Water  before embarking on their most recent adventure, the CD Mediterraneo recorded live at the Berliner Philharmonie together with Geir LysneVincent Peirani and members of the Berlin Philharmoniker.


Stefano Bollani - piano, voice
Jesper Bodilsen - contrabbass
Morten Lund - drums

The word SOLO could be misleading. During the concert, I’m always in company. In the company of the audience and what they convey, my thoughts, the food I have just eaten, the venue’s acoustics, the monitor speaker and the sound system set up by my good friend Roberto Lioli, who has been acting as an intermediary between my piano and the rest of the world for years.

Thanks to my piano I become an instrument myself and I enjoy seeing the results of improvisation, how the sound that is generated inside of me is channeled into my hands, reaches the piano and ultimately the audience.
There are two examples here: a video from the TV show “L’importante è avere un piano” and an Argentinian programme from TV channel Canal Encuentro.

I recorded three solo albums, Småt SmåtPiano Solo, and the most recent Arrivano gli alieni. But I go on stage without a setlist, I just play “whatever comes to mind”, to say it as George Bernard Shaw did (but he actually never said it). It is like building a bridge while walking on it. It is about trying to translate the present moment into sound, so that it can go straight to the heart, without necessarily going through the mind’s judgment. And if it does, may this sound at least be as enjoyable as a gentle breeze carrying images in motion, lights, colors…
Of course, you yourselves manage the details of this personal emotional theater; I provide the breeze.


Stefano Bollani - piano, voice