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The new album by Stefano Bollani
from 25 may 2018

Italian pianist-composer Stefano Bollani's new album QUE BOM - a genuine hymn to life marked by sparkling liveliness and (contagious) joy - mainly consists of Bollani’s own original tunes and distinctive melodies strongly influenced and informed by Brazilian music culture, which Bollani has always cherished since the very beginning of his rich, multifaceted crackerjack music making and dexterous playing.

In QUE BOM Bollani is joined by the same outstanding Brazilian rhythm section as in his earlier, extremely successful CARIOCA project (2008) - Jorge Helder (db), Jurim Moreira (dr) and Armando Marçal (perc) - plus Thiago da Serrinha (perc), but here, in QUE BOM, also by the grand guest stars Caetano Veloso, João Bosco, Jaques Morelenbaum and Hamilton de Holanda.

The CD packaging, an elegant and exquisite 6-side DigiSleeve with an 8-page booklet, contains the lyrics of the songs with Caetano Veloso and João Bosco, photos of the merry Rio recording session by Vinícius Giffoni and extraordinary pictures from Codex Seraphinianus by Italian artist and designer Luigi Serafini.

QUE BOM, entirely produced by Bollani, is the first album to be released worldwide by his own newly created label ALOBAR on 25th May 2018.

Preview the new unreleased track that anticipates the disc QUE BOM
digital from 27 April 2018

Preview one of the pieces that are part of QUE BOM, the new highly anticipated album of unreleased tracks from Brazilian dna that comes after ten years from the great success of the disco Carioca. In the accompanying video, some of the musicians participated in the project including Caetano Veloso and João Bosco, Hamilton de Holanda and Jacques Morelenbaum.

QUE BOM will be released around the world on 25 may 2018.

Entirely self-produced by Stefano Bollani, it is the first album released by its new label ALOBAR and will create an international summer tour.

Galapagos is named after Kurt Vonnegut's novel of 1985 "a masterpiece set in a world of the future in which we remember what mankind was like, those men from the big brains that almost led to ruin the planet".

brazilian sound
out in may 2018

After the great success of the 2007 Carioca album, Stefano Bollani returned to the Brazilian sound with Que Bom, album of outtakes out in may and world tour since summer 2018.

Next to him great representatives of brazilian music like Jorge Helder on bass, Jurim Moreira on drums and Armando Marçal on percussion. Very loved artists from Bollani who had already taken part in the Carioca project and who here are in the company of another percussionist, the young and talented Thiago da Serrinha.

New disc of Stefano Bollani
From 27 October 2017

In bookstores since September 4, 2017, Dialoghi tra alieni is a book published by L'Arte di essere & Trigono Edizioni that collects the conversations of Stefano Bollani with Mauro Biglino, Anne Givaudan and Igor Sibaldi.

A journey through history, religion, philosophy, physics and science, to shed light on the many mysteries that still escape our understanding: from the existence of dimensions and universes parallel to the presence of life on other planets.

The same concept of "Alien" is investigated with a new look and becomes in this book excuse for the most exciting of exploration, that discovering ourselves and our inner universe.

A truly unique book in its kind, which for the first time brings together four leading personalities in their respective areas: composer and pianist Stefano Bollani, philosopher and philologist Igor Sibaldi, the expert of sacred texts Mauro Biglino and french researcher Anne Givaudan.

Dialoghi tra alieni
Conversations about nearby and distant universes
Stefano Bollani meets Mauro Biglino, Anne Givaudan, Igor Sibaldi.
Pages 164
Format: 12 x16
Date of publication: 4 September 2017
Edited by L'Arte di essere & Trigono Edizioni

Stefano Bollani's new album
From 27 October 2017

Stefano Bollani's piano accompanied by the Danish Trio, Vincent Peirani and 14 elements of the Berlin Philharmonic revisit the classic repertoire from Puccini to Monteverdi and Leoncavallo, passing through Rossini and Morricone. An unusual and fascinating tribute to the great Italian musical tradition.

Revisiting in key jazz some masterpieces of the Italian classical repertoire is the idea from which Mediterraneo is born, the new extraordinary album by Stefano Bollani coming out Friday 27 October by ACT.

Mediterraneo is a live, recording of the applauditissimo concert that Stefano Bollani held in the prestigious great hall of Berliner Philamornie on 12 June 2017. To play an unusual high-level music group composed of a jazz matrix represented, as well as from the plan of Bollani and the components of his Danish Trio - Jesper Bodilsen on bass and Morten Lund on drums - from the accordion of Vincent Peirani and fourteen chambers musicians of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra that here do not only follow a cultured sound, but also show refined improvisers. Directed by the Norwegian Geir Lysne, curator of arrangements, which had already collaborated with Bollani in Big Band.

The result is a unique musical occasion, born from an idea of Siggi Loch, patron of the ACT, leader label among the independent of jazz in the world that literally enchanted a packed audience (over 2200 people) and enthusiastic. The new collaboration between Bollani and Peirani, accordionist among the most acclaimed in young french jazz, accentuates the mediterranean touch of the ensemble, especially when it holds the lines of Morricone's known themes.

The great Italian tradition crossed by this long musical journey that transcends gender and age boundaries, shows here all its vitality and modernity and testifies how its pure fullness remains central in feeding different and multiple assets.