February 25, 2021

Stefano Bollani & Valentina Cenni’s new TV show on Rai 3 at 20h20 (Italian time) from 15 March 2020.

Stefano Bollani is back on TV, this time with his wife and actress Valentina Cenni, inviting us to their imaginary house filled with music: “Via dei Matti numero 0”, produced by Ballandi, will be broadcast on Rai 3 from 15 March on, from Monday to Friday from 20h20 to 20h45 (Italian time). Every day, Stefano and Valentina will welcome us to a house we’d all wish to live in: a house made of music, open to friends and tunes, to stories and smiles.
25 minutes to sing, but also to discover a lot about music, its history, its qualities and why it plays such an essential role in all of our lives.
Enriched by both scientific and magic anecdotes, tales of life intertwined with philosophy. Told with lightness and irony by Bollani in his unique way of combining high and popular culture, and held together with grace by Valentina Cenni, who presents the daily topics besides casting fresh light on the more emotional sides of music.
And with lots of great guests, musicians and others, joining them in playing around with musical notes at Stefano & Valentina’s house.
Everyday a different topic related to music as a pretext to talk and make music: a show of folly and healing at the same time.

VIA DEI MATTI NUMERO 0 is a TV show by Valentina Cenni, Stefano Bollani, Fosco D’Amelio, Giorgio Cappozzo and Rossella Rizzi. Written with Francesca Talamo and Marco Verdura. Directed by Alessandro Tresa. Photography by Anonio Scappatura. A programme of Rai 3 produced by BALLANDI. Executive Producer Rai: Rita Russomanno. Executive Producer Ballandi: Luca Catalano.

WATCH ON RAIPLAY: https://www.raiplay.it/programmi/viadeimattin0