Stefano Bollani explains: “Listening is a key point of the Danish Trio’s work, and each one of us is constantly listening to what the others are playing, focusing on the sound as a whole. This is exactly what my ideal of a jazz band is.” Indeed, each concert is a masterclass in attention to detail and in group interaction. And in telepathy. The trio seamlessly alternate and intertwine between individual shining and collective band sound.

The trio, that’s merry Bollani and his two internationally acclaimed Danish musician friends Jesper Bodilsen on double bass and Morten Lund on drums. They first met in 2002 through Enrico Rava. Ever since this round dynamic piano trio have shared their fun of music making with their audiences – both on stage and in recordings. Their albums are Mi ritorni in mente (2004) and Gleda (2005) for Stunt Records; Stone In The Water (2009) and – with Bill Frisell (guitar) and Mark Turner (tenor sax) – Joy In Spite Of Everything (2014) for ECM. In 2017 they performed and recorded the Italian project Mediterraneo (ranging from Gioachino Rossini to Ennio Morricone) for ACT at the fully packed Berlin Philharmonic with French accordionist Vincent Peirani and enthusiastic members of the hailed Berliner Philharmoniker, arranged and directed by Norwegian Geir Lysne. Their latest album, The Music of Sasha Argov was first released on CD in Italy in summer 2019 by national daily “Corriere della Sera” within the extraordinary 10-CD series Stefano Bollani e i suoi maestri, then, a few months later, internationally in digital form by Bollani’s label Alobar: a historic concert of an outstanding band, also featuring Nico Gori on clarinet and Antonello Salis on accordion, playing revered Israeli composer Sasha Argov’s vivid melodies with compelling energy, recorded at the Royal Opera House of Tel Aviv in 2009.


Stefano Bollani – piano, Fender Rhodes and vocals

Jesper Bodilsen – double bass

Morten Lund – drums