Baldini Castoldi Dalai, 2008

Inspired by the radio show Il Dottor Djembè, this book-CD presents itself as a treaty of musicology alternative to the official one, complete with documents, autographs, letters, pictures, music scores. The fully explored questions are of vital importance. Is the donut-shaped find discovered in the Montevitozzo quarry really a sound grinder dating back to the Etruscan era?

What does the essay (extremely difficult to find) say about the theatre experience La mutilazione corporea progressiva come risorsa creativa by Bela Manescu? And what happened to the unknown melodrama, which only left a fragment behind, namely the cryptic heartfelt appeal of “Am I the mussel“? Are those events real? Are musicologist Dottor Djembè’s findings on the island of Bora Bora real? Knowing it is really of little importance; yet it will be enjoyable to wait and see how those discoveries may change the course of music history over the years. In the record attached, together with pieces of music recovered by Dottor Djembè, the contributions of Riondino and Bollani and notary Mirko Guerrini.

I am the mussel

silent and dark

the dark seal of humidity

but if you pick me up

I won’t be afraid,

my valve

I will open

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