Via dal solito tam tam Radio Rai 3, 2006-2012

From Bora Bora mysterious Dottor Djembè connects to the local Rai office (Borai Borai) providing extremely valuable information about unrecognized artists who could change the course of music history.

Created as a mockery of “high” culture, this show was broadcast on Radio 3 from 2006 to 2012 and is still available on podcast. Together with David RiondinoMirko Guerrini and Bollani, we met Sestilio CabalaEnnio FlagelliDuccio VernacoliPierre Le Necessaire and many, many other “obscure” musicians.

Still today, there are people who doubt their existence, and these musicians find it deeply offensive (although they can only feel offended if they truly exist).

From time to time, these gems were discussed with special guests, about 150 in total: from Joe Barbieri to Paolo Benvegnù, through Fabrizio Bentivoglio and Patrizio Fariselli. The show is available as a CD, Il Dottor Djembè Live, a best-of collection with guest musicians involved in duets with Bollani and Guerrini, and as a book-CD, Lo Zibaldone del Dottor Djembè co-authored with David Riondino, presenting the worst musicians mentioned by Dottor Djembè over the years.

Additional Information

With Stefano Bollani and David Riondino

Notarial certification by Mirko Guerrini

Authors Rosaria Parretti and Fosco D’Amelio

Director Riccardo Basile

Producer Monica Nonno