Rai 3, 2010

Radio went on TV. It stayed there for three episodes in 2010, and then quite rightly went back on radio. Meanwhile, some of Dottor Djembè’s irony landed on the Rai 3 screens. The TV reportage filmed in the streets of Florence is worth mentioning: we met butchers who were great fans of Stan Kenton and Lena Horne, cardinals interested in Bob Marley, and also delivery people, cadets, ordinary people, all interested in music; so much for people who say that TV viewers change channel when music is on! All the characters were played by Bollani, which casts some doubts on the authenticity of the testimonies.

Additional Information

A radio show by David RiondinoStefano BollaniPaolo Aleotti

Written by Riondino, Bollani, Rosaria Parretti, Fosco D’Amelio, Mirko Guerrini