Seven episodes on Rai 1 in 2016, wonderful guests for a live event featuring a truly impressive international cast of musicians and comedians; one might even think these artists had been banned by law, for they had never been seen on Italian TV in most cases: Chucho ValdesDavid GarretEnrico RavaVinicio CaposselaAndrew BirdChano DominguezIgudesman & JooYamandu Costa and many others. Each episode is dedicated to one of the Seven Dwarfs (L’importante è avere un nano) and ends with a magical moment, a delicate and joyful oasis where Stefano duets with sleep fairy Valentina Cenni’s Video della buonanotte.

Additional Information

With Stefano Bollani

Featuring Valentina Cenni

Authors Stefano BollaniRosaria ParrettiFosco D’AmelioSimone De Rosa

Directed by Cristian Biondani