Rai 3, 2011 e 2013

Live music on Rai 3 a TV show for two seasons (2011 and 2013) intended to be both in a luxury jam session with international guests (Sol GabettaElio, Trilok GurtuHamilton de Holanda and many others) and a show where music is presented for everyone to enjoy.

It was actually like entering a playroom and watching and listening to child musicians having fun. The TV show is also available in a 3 DVD slipcase with the best of the first edition.

Additional Information

With Stefano Bollani and Caterina Guzzanti (season 1)

Authors Stefano Bollani, Rosaria Parretti, Fosco D’Amelio, Francesca Nesler, Emanuela Andreani, Giovanni Filippetto (season 1), Ennio Meloni (season 2)

Directed by Enrico Rimoldi